RASTI [Research, Advocacy and Social Training Institute] started its journey 18 years ago, Situation was critical, no one came to attend the first meeting of our friends and likeminded people to organize RASTI on 15 June 1995. We met with teachers of community development, they refused to support, as they were employee of some other organizations. First summer camp was announced by RASTI to be held at Ziarat Valley in July 1995, got positive response overall 18 participants were participated in camp, at the end they joined hand with RASTI and became first members of RASTI. On the basis of that we had access to 11 new communities & groups of children / youth were formed, trainings / events were organized at community level.

Formation of community based children & youth groups, Community mobilization, capacity building, educational and recreation activities were organized by RASTI at initial stages with local resources and participants contributions.

The theater was introduced and incorporated in almost all activities, theater groups were formed and many groups were trained within 2 year time. In 1997, UNAIDS was introduced with RASTI by one of our friend and got first small project to raise..

RASTI (Research Advocacy & Social Training Institute) is a non-government and non-profit organization, registered with directorate of social welfare of Pakistan under registration # DSW-1480K.

RASTI (Research, Advocacy and Social Training Institute) is working with its head office in Karachi and Project / Liaison office in Islamabad and regional offices in Vehari, Chakwal, Jatoi, Hyderabad & Sialkot.

RASTI is working with Children, Youth and Women through participatory right based approach to execute its projects and program to improve quality of life by providing services in Health and Hygiene Awareness with specific focus on ARH, HIV/AIDS, STIs and PHC. Education and Capacity Building on Development Issues, Gender equality, Ecology and Child’s rights are additional expertise of RASTI.

RASTI has a vast experience of incorporating theater for Development as tool to educate people and generate discussion on taboo issues and give voice to the people by taking them in to the process of Theater for development.

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