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Child Care

Trying to find high-quality child care in Stark County can be confusing. Where do you start? Who do you call? Start with us. Below, you’ll find information on what to look for when you’re searching for a high-quality Stark County child care providers, Stark County preschools, and Stark County day or child care centers. We let you know why accreditation matters, and walk you through the process of finding the Stark County child care provider that is right for you. On our site, you can search for Stark County child care providers.

What to Look For When You Visit an Early Childhood Facility

Before you decide which facility to choose, you’ll want to visit each one you’re considering. But what should you be watching for? Here are some tips to help you find the early childhood environment that’s right for your child.

The Care Providers

Watch for early childhood care providers who really seem to know and like the children, and treat the children with respect. Make sure there are enough care providers to safely handle the number of children; you can check the legal requirements for adult-child ratios at this link:

The Facility

Take a good look around: is the facility safe, clean, organized, and kid-friendly? Are the children supervised at all times? Do electrical outlets have childproof covers? Are breakables stashed out of the reach of children? If there is a food preparation area, is it properly childproofed? Are there low sinks or stools so that children can reach to wash their hands? You will want to ask about hand washing and sanitation policies for both care providers and children. Also ask about the facility’s policies on vaccinations and on allowing sick children to attend.

Are there plenty of clean, developmentally appropriate toys and educational materials for both indoor and outdoor exploration? The materials should include:

* Objects for dramatic play (puppet theater, dress-up clothes)

* Sensory materials (sand, water, play dough)

* Materials that help children learn reading, math, science, and social studies

* Materials that help children develop gross motor skills such as pulling up, walking, climbing in, on, and over, moving through/around and under, pushing, pulling and riding.


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