CHE Capacity Building workshop (March, June, September & November 2014) | HEC Capacity Building workshop (March, July & October 2014) | CHP Capacity Building workshop (March & June 2014) | Seminars with Health/Line Department for RHIA Advocacy (March, June, September & December 2014) | Training of Advocacy Group (Feb, May, August & November 2014) | District Level Advocacy Campaign (September 2014) | RHIA Sports Gala (June & October 2014) | Interactive Theater on RHIA Topics (May & September 2014) in Eleven Slums Communities of Islamabad


RASTI [Research, Advocacy and Social Training Institute] started its journey 18 years ago, Situation was critical, no one came to attend the first meeting of our friends and likeminded people to organize RASTI on 15 June 1995. We met with teachers of community development, they refused to support, as they were employee of some other organizations. First summer camp was announced by RASTI to be held at Ziarat Valley in July 1995, got positive response overall 18 participants were participated in camp, at the end they joined hand with RASTI and became first members of RASTI. On the basis of that we had access to 11 new communities & groups of children / youth were formed, trainings / events were organized at community level.

Formation of community based children & youth groups, Community mobilization, capacity building, educational and recreation activities were organized by RASTI at initial stages with local resources and participants contributions.

Theater was introduced and incorporated in almost all activities, theater groups were formed and many groups were trained within 2 year time. In 1997, UNAIDS was introduced with RASTI by one of our friend and got first small project to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS through theater in slums of Karachi, through that we became popular as theater practitioner / promoter.

Save the children (UK) invited RASTI-Pakistan to develop theater based project to promote rights of the child among general public and then this journey was started with projects and some funding to design and develop our organizational programs.

Till now we have worked with support of different funding partners that include UNICEF, UNAIDS, SCF, Marie Stops Society (MSS), Green star Social Marketing, Plan International Pakistan, US Consulate, Mercy Corps, Health Net TPO and Kindernothlife (KNH). RASTI-Pakistan provided consultancy services to many national and local organizations such as AAHUNG, SCF, PVDP, Caritas, Hayat-e-Nau, Irfan Trust, KMF, SAFCWO, USAID-Abt consultant, Sudhar Sialkot, Action Aid Etc.

RASTI started its work without registration, by laws, policies etc. , and now it has it’s five year strategy documents, all required polices, annual reports and internal and external audit system in place and linkages with many other partners, having membership of networks and representation at CCM for global funds for Pakistan.

RASTI successfully completed its 18 years only because of team’s dedication, commitment and support by many partner organizations including CBOs, NGOs and INGOs. During this period we trained thousands of people, organized hundreds of groups and gained experience of working in all four provinces in rural and urban slums. I wish to acknowledge my all team members who served RASTI during any time from day 1 to till completion of 18 years, as they made it possible to manage and sustain organization like RASTI who started its journey from grassroots and became national level organization.



Francis Rufi Sardar
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


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