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About Us

RASTI (Research Advocacy & Social Training Institute) is a non-government and non-profit organization, registered with directorate of social welfare of Pakistan under registration # DSW-1480K.

RASTI (Research, Advocacy and Social Training Institute) is working with its head office in Karachi and Project / Liaison office in Islamabad and regional offices in Vehari, Chakwal, Jatoi, Hyderabad & Sialkot.

RASTI is working with Children, Youth and Women through participatory right based approach to execute its projects and program to improve quality of life by providing services in Health and Hygiene Awareness with specific focus on ARH, HIV/AIDS, STIs and PHC. Education and Capacity Building on Development Issues, Gender equality, Ecology and Child’s rights are additional expertise of RASTI.

RASTI has a vast experience of incorporating theater for Development as tool to educate people and generate discussion on taboo issues and give voice to the people by taking them in to the process of Theater for development.

RASTI is registered with Directorate of Social Welfare and its registration No is DSW-1480-K.
Mr. Francis Rufi Sardar
Chief Executive Officer RASTI-Pakistan
RASTI-Pakistan Liaison Office:
House # 444, Gali # 16, Street # 10
I-10/2, Islamabad
Phone: 051-4433018
Cell #: 0300 9200 211
E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
RASTI envision Happy, Healthy, Educated and Skilled Society
RASTI’s Mission is; Ensuring peoples participation for a society where people live with dignity and respecting each other’s rights.
1. To provide positive activities to youth and children to share their feelings, thoughts and ideas for their self-confidence and collective development
2. To promote healthy practices by raising awareness on health and hygiene with specific focus on ARH, STIs and HIV/AIDS
3. To facilitate capacity development process of CBOs, NGOs, GOs and Educational Institutes of public and private sector
4. To develop and strengthen linkages among various partners to maximum utilize available resources for problem solving
Hierarchy of officials’:
1. Chairman of the board of the organization is the head of the organization
2. Board members are looking after different components such as HR, Financial Managements, Organizational capacity building. They are accountable to Chairman of the organization
3. Executive Director is responsible for designing and managing programs and project
4. Project managers are accountable to Executive Director who is accountable to board for program related concerns
Organizational Assets
Logistics and communication; infrastructure and equipment.
RASTI has basic communication and logistics systems, Head office, Liaison office and Field offices are fully equipped with fixtures and furniture, computers, printers, telephones, and vehicles
Human Resource:
At present RASTI is equipped with trained human resource which can be categories as under
Permanent Paid team members
Project Manager (04)
Community development workers (18)
Field based staff (168)
Admin & Finance team (6)
HR Manager (1)
Team in Sialkot (07)
Team of Hyderabad (25)
3 Theater teams in; KHI, LHR, SKT & Wah (42)
Technical advisors (5)
Board members (7)
General body members (22)

Linkages/networking with other NGOs/CBOs

RASTI believes in working in partnership and not to replicate but complement and supplement existing interventions.

  • RASTI have good working relationships with almost 53 implementing organization in different parts of Pakistan.
  • RASTI also have good relationships with different donor agencies that are active in Pakistan and are working with youth, children and women on health and hygiene, rights and HIV/AIDS
  • RASTI is a member of
    1. Stop TB Partnership,
    2. Plan Pakistan’s partners’ network,
    3. AMAN Pakistan’s livelihood network,
    4. The Network for Consumers protection,
    5. Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM),
    6. Human Development Network

List of Projects Undertaken

RASTI has waste experience of working on issues related to STIs, HIV/AIDS. Reproductive and Sexual health and Family Planning, Our previous working partnerships were as under

1 1998 UNAIDS Promoting HIV/AIDS awareness through theater in urban slums of Karachi
2 1998-2000 SCF (UK) Raising Awareness on Child’s Rights among students, teachers and parents, by building children’s capacity in theater techniques  
3 1999 Aahung Generating discussion about Reproductive and Sexual Health issues among community women slums of Karachi
4 1998-1999 Marie stops society Promoting family planning awareness through theater in urban slums of Karachi
5 2000-2002 UNICEF  Capacity building of NGOs on HIV/AIDS in Pakistan
6 2000-2002 UNICEF Promoting awareness about HIV/AIDS through Street Theater Performances in all four province and FANA, FATA and AJK among general public
7 2003-2004 Green star social marketing STIs prevention through condom promotion among long distance truck drivers
8 2005 same STIs prevention through condom promotion among FSWs
9 2005-2007 Plan Pakistan HIV/AIDS awareness among school going children of District Mansehra, Chakwal and Vehari
10 2005-2006 FHI Facilitating STIs prevalence study in Karachi
11 2006 TDH Capacity Building of TDH staff on Child-to-child approach
12 2006-2008 FHI Theater skills training of Trucker’s Project Team in Gujranwala, Quetta and Karachi
13 2006-2008 AMAN Pakistan Basic Business Development Project in earthquake affected areas of Mansehra
14 2007-2008 Mercy Corps Promoting health and hygiene awareness through theater in earthquake affected areas
15 2009 AASA consulting/ USAID Promoting awareness about mother’s and child health in 20 district of Pakistan through Interactive Theater performances
16 2010 Abt. Consultants/ USAID Designing and Conducting Research on access to safe drinking water in District Sukkur (Sindh) and Jaffarabad (Baluchistan)
17 1995-2010 Different NGOs and CBOs Conducted several trainings on issues related to community development, HIV/AIDS, Health and hygiene education etc. 


1 Islamabad Plan-International Pakistan Reproductive Health Initiatives with Adolescents (RHIA)
2 Vehari Plan Pakistan Ensuring Children Participation and Development through Child-to-child approach
3 Vehari Plan Pakistan GSchool children eye health project
4 Vehari Plan Pakistan Primary health care project to build CHWs and TBAs capacity in safer delivery
5 Vehari Plan Pakistan   Early Childhood Care and Development Project
6 Jatoi KNH Access to education through Non-Formal Education
7 Jatoi KNH Self Help Group Approach [SHGA]

Future Plans / Interventions

  • Developing organizational strategic Planning / framework for next 5 years
  • Continuation of project team’s capacity building
  • Building linkages with new partners under organizational vision and objectives
  • Expansion in geographical and thematic coverage

Looking forward for Grants in below mentioned components:

  • ASRHR Concept note
  • Citizens Voice Project (CVP) Empowerment of Youth-USAID
  • Child Labor in Coad Mines in Chakwal [KNH]
  • Child Labor in Chakwal [GOVT of Punjab & ILO]
  • Partners Capacity Building to TAF
  • Supporting Creating opportunities for Children & Youth to CIDA
  • School Online by GOVT of UK & British Council in Pakistan


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